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These cuddly crochet creations are for sale with the intention of donating the funds towards the relief efforts of the Australian Bush Fires. 

Australia has always been a place near and dear to my heart. When I had the opportunity to study there, it was a dream come true! I've made lifelong friends and such strong connections to the place they call Oz, that I truly feel like it's my second home. Seeing the land, the people and the animlas suffer immensly at the alarming rate of the bush fires just pulls on my heart and I want to be a part of the relief efforts in any way that I can. So I decided to crochet one of my favorite animals (a Koala) along with some other fun characters to raise money for the support systems on the ground in Australia. I plan on splitting the proceeds between Vicitm Relief and Animal rescues. Both groups need food, shelter, water, clothing, medicines, etc. My goal is to raise between $1,000 and $2,000, so that both groups get a good amount to make a dent in their care taking efforts. Please help me reach my goal and support the Land Down Under!

Crochet for a Cause!

  • 100% Acrylic Yarn

    Hypoallergenic Filling

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